Durability and premium quality

Luxurious leather sneakers for ultimate comfort

Made from high-quality, chrome-free Italian leather, our sneakers offer optimal comfort and durability. European craftsmanship guarantees a perfect fit and stylish design.

Timeless elegance

Perfect shoe for all occasions

Maximum comfort meets sophisticated design. Invest in quality and timeless elegance. With Kingsley Crew sneakers you can enjoy years of comfort and stylish appearances. Our shoes are an investment in quality and timeless elegance that pays off.

Maximum comfort for active days

Long-lasting comfort with every step.

Comfort and fit are crucial. Our shoes offer an optimal fit and long-lasting comfort, even when worn for long periods. Thanks to sufficient cushioning and support, your feet will be pampered. The pleasant insole provides additional comfort and supports the well-being of your feet all day long.

Investment in quality

Shoes that last a lifetime

Invest in quality and experience the difference: robust materials, precise workmanship and innovative technologies guarantee that your shoes can withstand even the toughest conditions.


Sustainable production for the next generation

We use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and sustainable materials to minimize the ecological impact and protect the future of our children. No compromises, only the best quality and responsibility.

Size Chart

We have created a size guide for our customers that you can print out at home and measure yourself.

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    The best shoes I have ever bought for my son & I. They go with everything & are ultra comfortable!

    - LARISSA -

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    You can really feel and see the quality of this shoe - besides the great design, it is the perfect shoe for me and the kids!


  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Fantastic shoes made with love for adventurous kids and practical parents.

    - ADRIANA -

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Help, my shoes don't fit!

This can always happen - but to prevent this before shipping, we have created a Kingsley Crew measuring guide, which can be downloaded and printed out for free in the online shop. However, the shoes can be exchanged if they are unworn and in the original packaging (shoe box + shoe bag).

Where does the name Kinglsey Crew come from?

Mary Kingsley was a British explorer, one of the first women to travel to West Africa without a husband or male companion in 1893. At that time, women explorers and scientific writers were few in number and not generally accepted and respected in scientific fields. We think that's cool and impressive. We also think Kingsley is a classy and casual name.

Who are our customers?

Our customers are modern families all over the world who value both design and comfort, but not at the expense of
Environment or quality. Our customers value Happy Feet and want to wear more than just good-looking shoes.

How do we ensure that our production minimizes its impact on the environment?

We work with selected producers who we have visited and inspected several times during our search process. Our partners also share our values ​​and try to keep their impact on the environment as low as possible. We source our premium materials and packaging from ecological sources within Europe. In addition, we constantly try to optimize our processes to improve our environmental impact. For example, we use vegan dyes and packaging made from recycled materials. Our shoes are produced under fair conditions in Portugal by a traditional family business. Together we test new products and materials to further reduce our environmental impact

Is a flagship store planned?

We hope to open a flagship shop in the near future, but initially there will only be an online shop. We are also evaluating the possibility of pop-up shops.


Twining is winning!

The Kingsley Crew way of standing out is with stylish shoes. We love matching outfits with our children and our children still like it too... still. With matching shoes, you can visually present yourself as a family and it's fun. We want to give other families a way to appear united on the outside because they can be proud of their family.

Family remains the focus

Partner look for young and old

The combination of our unique size range and the unisex design of the Kingsley Crew sneaker enables a completely new way of uniting as a family. Now mom and son, dad and daughter or the whole family can go in matching outfits.