Lauren Alonzo Interview in die kleine Botin

Lauren Alonzo Interview in the little messenger

Sneakers, THE shoes for everyday life and for the whole family. They always fit and let's be honest, when the child finally has a shoe that fits really well, then we moms are really happy. With Kingsley Crew Lauren has created a real highlight in the shoe cupboard, because the minimalist shoes are not only made of soft leather and made in Europe, they are so beautiful that they are also available for mom and dad because everyone wants them... Well, are you curious?

We carry the Sneakers by Kingsley Crew for more than a year now and are really happy! I am even more pleased that the busy working mom Lauren found the time for the interview!

Interview with Lauren Alonzo from Kingsley Crew

What motivated you to do what you do today?

Definitely my children. As a mother of three who has moved internationally and traveled frequently, I have organically developed myself as an expert in children's products and lifestyle. Not long after the birth of my second child, Josephine, I was ready to go back to work. Unfortunately, I wouldn't have earned enough with a part-time job to pay for kindergarten in Munich, where we lived at the time. This is an issue for many women I know. In addition, my husband is usually away on business during the week. Since we as parents decided that, if possible, one of us would always be easily accessible for the children, self-employment was the only option for me.

Lauren by Kingsley Crew

So the step to create family-friendly, fair, sustainable and high-quality products was logical for me.

How did you get here?

Like a rollercoaster with long waiting times at Disneyland. Long quiet phases mixed with exciting ups and downs. Butterflies in my stomach and knots in my back. But also a lot of joy in working with talented people from various industries and getting to know potential and new customers. I have grown a lot as a businesswoman and designer.

Where do you feel inspired? Do you tend to work at home? Or do your ideas come when you travel?

I work mainly from home because that was always the plan and motivation for Kingsley Crew. At least until the children are older and more independent. My ideas come from moments in my everyday life because I am primarily interested in the functionality of products. All parents know that there are often moments in everyday life that can be challenging and vary depending on the child or phase. These are the moments that inspire me. I always think about how the situation can be better, more pleasant or simply nicer for everyone in the family?

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When it comes to the choice of materials and designs, inspiration comes from a lot of research, films, history and travel.

Do you run the label as a business?

I come from a business background so it was always clear that Kingsley Crew would be run as a business.

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Do you follow trends or do you set them?

I really appreciate unique and handmade things - I especially look for such treasures when I travel, for example to Morocco or Cambodia. I have never consciously followed trends because even as a child I always liked to wear my own things, away from the mainstream.

But I do get inspired by trends. I add the elements of trends that I like best to my capsule wardrobe. This way, I spice up my standard outfits that always work. For example, oversized denim jackets have been a trend for a while now, and I decorate mine with pins that I've bought while traveling and in cool shops. They all have a personal meaning for me and no one has a denim jacket like me - although most of us have a denim jacket.

What activity puts you in FLOW?

As an entrepreneur, I always have to do something for the company. No matter what the task, I can get into the flow as long as the kids aren't in the room, haha. I think we women are just wired that way. But my favorite tasks, where I get really motivated, are when I'm designing and when I'm talking to customers. It's always a huge compliment for me when people are interested in Kingsley Crew, even if the feedback isn't always good. As a designer, customer feedback is essential because I only want to develop products that customers will enjoy using or wearing.

Which childhood memory fits with your things? What influenced you?

Definitely Halloween, I grew up with it as a child in California. We don't have Mardi Gras or Carnival in Los Angeles, so Halloween is the day when everyone can dress up however they want. Not only the scary stuff is welcome, but everything else too. I want to design products for children that they will enjoy wearing every day. That's why I created the Kingsley Crew comic and the children's superheroes. I think it's important to encourage children and support them in becoming independent. Our products are also made in this way, so that children can use them more easily.

If you were a city, which would it be and why?

I would be a mixed bag city because I love the international. The charm and history of Vienna, the flair and architecture of Paris and the sunny and relaxed lifestyle of Maui. Then a touch of exotic Shanghai to keep things interesting. I think everything that is local is wonderful, no matter where I am in the world. Traveling is my passion and I don't really have any favorites, more of a top 10 because I could never say that one city is better than another. There is something good and unique to be found everywhere.

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